Stretching promotes cell growth

If the body tissue is constantly distended, the body is stimulated to reproduce new cells. The astonishing result is that the skin, entire body parts such as the neck or even limbs react by lengthening and enlarging. The success of gentle but constant distension, resulting in extension and enlargement of the lips, neck, earlobes and penis in primitive peoples, has been documented.

When stretched, the penis becomes larger. By applying weights over a number of years, the Karamogong tribe of northern Uganda and the so-called Holy Sadhus in India have achieved penis enlargements of up to 45 cm. Well this might be a little bit too much for someone living in the western civilization,
but it shows you one thing: A larger penis without surgery is possible!

It's as simple as that! It's like training for your penis!

So, what do you have to do to get a bigger penis through stretching?

Currently there are 3 techniques on the market telling you that they are the best.


Jelqing / Jelq

Jelqing is some kind of gymnastics for the penis. People offering jelqing solutions to the public usually sell penis stretching videos or printed manuals showing you some "massage techniques" that you have to do each day. Then after a short period of time your penis should be bigger - or not.


Penis pumps

Penis pumps work on the principle of vacuum. The penis is inserted in some kind of cylinder, the air inside the cylinder is removed and the vacuum leads to a better blood circulation. This effect will make the penis grow. Penis pumps are on the market for quite a long time and you can get them in nearly every sex shop.


Penis extenders

Penis extenders are devices in which the penis is inserted and some kind of mechanism produces a permanent stretching force on the penis. Wearing the device every day for some weeks results in penis enlargement by new cell formation. Besides becoming longer the penis should also become thicker.

So let's have a closer look at these techniques.

1 - Jelqing / Jelq

Well, this sounds really good. I just have to watch some penis stretching videos, do some massage with my penis and after a few weeks it will be twice as big...

I'm asking myself if everyone who does a lot of masturbating has a big penis as well... I'm pretty sure this is not the case.
I tried myself some jelqing techniques that I found for free on the web for some weeks. I can't see that my penis is bigger now. Also I can not measure that it is bigger now.
There are a lot of jelqing sites on the web where you have to pay to enter. I am pretty sure I will not try these sites, because $80 and more seem to me a lot of money if you don't know what you get.
If you really want to try it yourself - have a look at the many free resources offering penis stretching videos about jelqing. You can also find a lot of PDF documents for download on that topic using Google or Yahoo. But I can really not recommend to try payed websites on jelqing.

2 - Penis pumps

Penis pumps are quite successfull - if you believe what you can find on the internet. They promise instant results (but also permanent) and are quite cheap compared to other devices. You can buy penis pumps starting from $50.

Well, this sounds great, because penis pumps offer an instant effect. But why is it not really permanent? I did a lot of research on the web and visisted some PE (penis enlargement) forums to get an answer on that. Penis pumps have the disadvantage that you only use them for some minutes - e.g. before you have sex. In such a short time the body tissue can not be stimulated to form new cells. You would have to wear the device for a long time and every day to get a permanent effect.
Of course it is not possible to spend so much time wearing the penis pump at home in modern life.

Also many people warn you of high-performance vacuum pumps with a correspondingly strong suction effect! If the pull is too strong, your blood vessels may rupture, resulting in thrombosis. If this happens then immediate surgery is inevitable.

Besides these 2 disadvantages penis pumps seem to be another proof to me that it is possible to grow my penis through stretching it. I did not try penis pumps myself, because I am an active guy who does not like to hang around at home. I would not feel to comfortable sitting at home with such a device. So I skipped this section and went directly to category 3.

3 - Penis extenders

There are a lot extending devices on the market right now, but I will explain you in detail why you will choose one specific product in the end.

Penis extender...sounds not to comfortable...sounds quite equal to the penis pumps. Well, let's start with the 2 categories available.

The "classic" penis extender is a device made of metal or plastic, consisting of 2 rings that are connected with usually 2 bars. Forming a "virtual cylinder", your penis is inserted in that device and your glans is fixed at the front of the device. With the 2 bars you can adjust the desired traction force. Wearing such a device is not too uncomfortable if you do not use a hight traction force. The problem is that you can hardly wear the device under your normal clothes. Because of that you can usually only use the device at home. Most vendors don't recommend to use the device while sleeping. So it's again a limitation of my normal life.

Searching on I discovered a second category of penis extenders - the stretching belt. It works on the same principle, but you wear it like a belt around your hips. Thus you can also wear it if you are not at home - e.g while working or driving. Also it promises that you can wear it at night. I found a lot of positive comments on this belt
and this is why I gave it a try.

My choice

THE PHALLOSAN FORTE stretching belt. It is...




natural and safe

...natural and safe



Let me tell you why...

When I ordered the PHALLOSAN stretching belt I was surprised how fast it was delivered. It took only 3 working days. Also I was very happy, that the packaging was totally neutral. There was no indication of what is inside. I had been at home when the package arrived, but with that kind of packaging it would have been no problem if the delivery service would have handed out the package to my neighbour.

Opening the package was also a nice experience. The content is organized very well. The first time usage of the belt was a bit tricky, but after some minutes I knew how to handle it.

Wearing the device is quite comfortable. Of course the first thing I wanted to know is, if I can really wear my normal pants while using the PHALLOSAN. And I can. Well, do not expect that you can wear leggings or biker shorts, but you can easily wear jeans. And this is really what I expected - I can use the device without changing my normal life. I wear it at work (sometimes ;-) or when meeting my friends. I also tried using it while doing sports, but I skipped that because I fear it could take damage.

But of course you are not really interested in these stories. You want to know if it works...
I am using the PHALLOSAN device now for already 4 months. During this time I gained 0.8 inches in length of my flacid penis. This is a little bit less as promised by the clinical study of PHALLOSAN but I am aware that these values may vary depending on the user. For me it was the most important point that I found a penis enlargement method that I can use in my normal life. A method that allows me to go out and do what I always do.

This website is of course an affiliate website. I try to earn money for promoting the product. But I also do it because I was convinced by the product. I will continue using it and I will try to post updates on my success here, but I am pretty sure that I will NOT switch to another method anymore!

What I said above is, that I will tell you why PHALLOSAN forte is my choice for penis enlargement. With this summary of the advantages of PHALLSOAN I will finish my text here. Give it try. It can really change your life!

ORDER PHALLOSAN forte TODAY... because...

member-1 can wear it under your pants. With that it is to wear the required 8-10 hours per day. can simply adjust the traction force. So you can have faster results...if you want (more uncomfortable).


...the belt is really comfortable. After same days of wearing time you even forget that you are wearing the device.

...the vacuum pump is integrated into the device. I don't have to carry spare parts or something else around when leaving my home.


...I like the package design and PHALLOSAN is delivered completely neutral.